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Universidade de Lisboa promove simpósio internacional de óleos essenciais (inglês)

43rd International Symposium on Essential Oils
ISEO2012 – Registration and Abstract Submission is now available
5 – 8 September 2012

Lisboa, Portugal

We are happy to announce that ISEO2012 Registration<http://iseo2012.fc.ul.pt/registration.html> and Abstract Submission<http://iseo2012.fc.ul.pt/abstract.html> system is now available.

We are expecting great abstracts from around the world for oral / poster presentations related to essential oils and volatile compounds. This is an excellent opportunity to present your latest research in this field and network with your colleagues.

ISEO2012 will feature plenary sessions, oral presentations, poster sessions and a special session will be devoted to Young Scientists Symposium<http://iseo2012.fc.ul.pt/scientific-program.html>.

We look forward to hosting you at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon, Portugal, 5-8 September 2012.

The Second Announcement and Call for Contributions can be downloaded here<http://iseo2012.fc.ul.pt/pdf/Segunda_Circular_pdf.pdf>.

More details can be found in ISEO2012 web page: http://iseo2012.fc.ul.pt/

The Organizing Committee



Faculdade Ciências de Lisboa

Centro de Biotecnologia Vegetal, IBB

Departamento de Biologia Vegetal

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Tel.: +351217500257  |  FAX: +351217500048

Secretariat Address


Cristina Vicente / Cidália Pacheco

Rua Augusto Macedo, 12-D Escritório 2

1600-503 Lisboa – Portugal

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